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NFTU # 1 – Joel Sternberg

Joel Sternberg: “A photograph is only a fragment of a shattered pot” (O’Hagan,2017, p.18)

Joel Sternberg: “You take 35 out of 360 degrees and call it a photo” (O’Hagan,2017, p.17)

So, am I taking (finding?) a series of shards that I hope will turn out to be a complete pot one day?



O’Hagan, A (2017) The drifter. The Guardian (G2). 11th January. p.16

Notes from the underground

I realise that I spend far too much time agonising over hitting ‘publish’ here (by which I mean in the wordpress editor) and as a result, I have at least four huge essays on the stocks that will need finishing off before this module goes for assessment. I also spend a chunk of the week on the Underground reading as I go back and forward between home and work.

And also, I could do with working out how to do the whole Harvard Referencing System thing.

So, I think I’ll try and pick up the publication pace before I start  Identity and Place and get in the way of jotting down markers for stuff that I find interesting or inspirational or just needing a bit more work to figure out properly. And also for quick bursts of thought occasioned by visiting an exhibition.

Oh yes – and I also came up with a nice smart-arse generic title. Always helps… Continue reading

Some thoughts on the display of assignments (and pictures generally) online and off it

What follows is what I jotted down in my physical log at about one in the morning when I couldn’t get back top sleep because of toothache.

I had been thinking about the online presentation of Assignment 1, and was looking through John Berger and Jean Mohr’s Another Way of Telling. I began to muse on  the differences between different forms of presentation for photographs.  I then started to wonder how this related to their meaning, particularly when that meaning relies on the relationship between the individual pictures and their layout.  Continue reading